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Nailfold capillaroscopy microscopy

What is nailfold capillary microscopy?

What is nailfold capillary microscopy?

nailfold capillary microscopy nailfold capillary microscopy

Main technical Parameter

1.Video Enlargement:(14’Monitor) 200X

2.Chromatic aberration diminishing object lens :4X

3.Vertical Adjustment distance:20mm

4.Horizontal movement (ultra microscope) distance: 20mm in vertical direction, 20mmin horizontal direction

5.Cold light source: Double light:220V/125W;Winter model and Summer model

6.Optical fiber bundle: Diameter 6mm,length 1000mm, light transmittance 70 percentage

7.Weight:22kg(Black and White Set); 24kg(Color Set)

Widely used in medical service and health products sales etc.

nailfold capillary microscopy

who need nailfold capillary microscopy ?

People who easily feel tired
People who always burn midnight oil or stay up all nigh long working
Long-term smokers
Insufficient oxygen in blood
People with hypertension
Stroke patient
People who breathe difficulty after light exercises
People who work under exposure of radiation
Cardiac dyfunction
After a luxurious meal

nailfold capillary microscopy definition
nailfold capillary microscopy
what is nailfold capillary microscopy

What is nailfold capillary microscopy characteristics:

The MK-006 model detection instruent for microcirculation adopts the form of integrated structure. By using imported ABS raw materials, each part has been made precisely. The horizontal travel mechanism, using the copper and plastic gear pair, possesses the characteristics of flexible moving, high abrasion proof and low noise etc. The vertical focus changed into a new type of travel mechanism, which is mold of imported polyformaldehyde material with the characteristics of convenient operation and high position accuracy.

nailfold capillary microscopy software

Microcirculation Microscope software Microcirculation Microscope software Microcirculation Microscope software



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