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Our mission is to copy the great success in USA to other countries , and be sure that all of participators engaged in this industry will be benefited. Bringing You The Best Quality At The Lowest Possible Price is our commitment
What we can do for you ,and what advantage we have ? Some points below maybe worth you check
1.Price : The most sensitive fact in your mind .well , we have more than 60 suppliers in China with the license allowance of our brand Mkscope , ,in lot of cases , we are their No.1 buyer , hundreds of standard containers per year have been forwarded to USA.As a result , we have big bargain power to make sure that our price offered to you are even lower than the price you got from USA manufacturers directly , so why not make a try ?
2. Quality : our brand Mkscope is popular brand in both of American and China .We have been rated the No 1 microscope and accessory online provide in north of American for years ,in this point , it is fairly reflected our quality satisfaction. Actually , our goods are from the same factories which make OEM and ODM for Leica, Zeiss, Nikon and Olympus We make our own design , software and with our quality control ,to watch closely the production in different manufacturers by obeying the ISO9901/2000 standard to guarantee our products is in high quality level.5 years factory warranty is also our commitment to our esteemed clients.
4. Communication : You are expected to receive prompt , professional support and feedback for any issues regarding to your microscope or accessory .and our well trained teams try to understand and respect your local culture,business style and belief to make sure the business is in the pleasure and smooth status as we are in deal.
5. Service: We offer more and exclusive service which you can’t find in others .it includes to assist you to buildup your own shopping system online by offering operation platform , data , pictures export by free .and as you reached some certain amount we’d like to authorize you as a Mkscope distributor or agent in your local region.
With constant effort, the company has been rated No.1 online supplier for years in microscope and accessories both of American and Canada. “all microscope here” –one station solution by offering thousands of models and accessories which certainly fall in the scope you may search..
In order to outspread our business activities from north of America to the worldwide .and hope more people may share/exchange the successful experience each other in this industry ,We can do more for you
.please don’t hesitate to contact us right now .

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