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Nailfold capillaroscopy microscopy

What is microcirculation nailfold capillaroscopy?

What is microcirculation nailfold capillaroscopy?

microcirculation nailfold capillaroscopy microcirculation nailfold capillaroscopy microcirculation nailfold capillaroscopy microcirculation nailfold capillaroscopy

Nailfold capillary microscopy examination has been used since late 1950s as a non-invasive in-vivo technique for diagnosing and monitoring connective tissue disease in adults. Disorders such as Raynaud’s phenomenon, progressive systemic sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis were detected in more than 80% of adult patients, by analyzing such high resolution images. In this research paper, we propose a framework to classify nailfold capillary microscopy images into SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) and PSS (Progress Systemic sclerosis) diseases. Based on statistical data collected in Taichung Veteran’s General Hospital (TCVGH), Taiwan, higher percentage of adult patients are find with SLE patients, when compared with PSS. According to ARA (American Rheumatism Association), patients’ outside features are obviously. The PSS patients are the same way to finding the features. And in the same time, we refer from doctor’s idea add other conditions to help judging.

What is microcirculation nailfold capillaroscopy?

What is nailfold capillaroscopy instrument?

nailfold capillaroscopy pictures and what nailfold capillaroscopy?

what is nail fold vasculature capillaroscopy?

microcirculation microscope definition what and why it?

In the first step, RP is the most important element. Most of the SLE and PSS features are raised by RP. In the other way, the features can be found in both of SLE and PSS patients. In order to divide the SLE and PSS patients into the correct class, other conditions are existed in necessary.an intravitam method of study involving the examination, under magnification, of capillaries of the epithelial or endothelial integuments of animals and man (skin, mucous membranes).In man, the capillaries are examined in the skin fold of the nail bed, where they can be viewed most conveniently. A microscope or a special instrument, the capillaroscope, is used for this purpose. The use of the microscope (20–100 power magnification) after the application of a drop of clarifying oil to the skin and good oblique illumination provide good visibility. Changes are observed in the capillaries with disturbances of the peripheral blood circulation of a variety of etiologies (in vascular neuroses, the early stages of cardiac insufficiency, end arteritis obliterans). The changes observed during capillaroscopy are not strictly specific to a given pathological condition; they arise as an adaptive mechanism to any disturbance of the general blood flow. There-fore, capillaroscopy is used only as a supplementary diagnostic method in general clinical examinations.

microcirculation microscope you are here microcirculation microscope you are here

what can do by nail fold capillaroscopy?


Clinical capillaroscopy for Raynaud phenomenon, rheumatic diseases.Nailfold capillaroscope,Our Nailfold Capillaroscope is the First Brand in China,Our Customers are all over the world,Capillaroscopy is a widely used technique for the examination of patients suffering from  rheumatic and cardiovascular diseases, endocrine disorders, metabolic diseases, some diseases of respiratory organs,inflammatory processes and trophic disturbances and pathologies of the skin and of the hypoderm.Videocapillaroscopy is also a reliable tool in the diagnosis of angiopathies in patients suffering from pancreatic diabetes.

Nailfold videocapillaroscopy finds application in the fields of:

Rheumatology (autoimmune diseases, Raynaud’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, sclerodermia related pathologies, systemic lupus erythematosus).
Dermatology(naevi, dermatitis, dermatosis, psoriasis, skin cancer and amartomes, non healing wounds).
Vascular Surgery (varicose veins of lower extremities, arterial spiders, cellulitis, obliterating endarteritis, skin ulces).
Angiology and Flebology (ischaemic heart disease, hypertension, pneumatic hammer disease, skin ulcers).
Aesthetic medicine and surgery (skin check-up, “aging skin”, assessment of fat tissues vasularization, liposuction, collagene injection, cellulitis,
monitoring of laser treatment effects, electrolipolysis, ultrasound, adipoclasy)

The possibility of detectiong early stages (symptomless) of vessel disorders by videocapillaroscopy opens up new possibilities for the prophylaxis of several diseases.Nailfold Video Capillaroscope -Top selling model

What is nailfold capillary microscopy application?

nailfold capillary microscopy Widefield capillary microscopy A technique used to evaluate finger nailfold capilla

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