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Nailfold capillaroscopy microscopy

Microcirculation Microscope What is it and How it work?

What is Microcirculation Microscope?

microcirculation microscope 

Nailfold capillary microscopy examination has been used since late 1950s as a non-invasive in-vivo technique for diagnosing and monitoring connective tissue disease in adults. Disorders such as Raynaud’s phenomenon, progressive systemic sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis were detected in more than 80% of adult patients, by analyzing such high resolution images. In this research paper, we propose a framework to classify nailfold capillary microscopy images into SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) and PSS (Progress Systemic sclerosis) diseases. Based on statistical data collected in Taichung Veteran’s General Hospital (TCVGH), Taiwan, higher percentage of adult patients are find with SLE patients, when compared with PSS. According to ARA (American Rheumatism Association), patients’ outside features are obviously. The PSS patients are the same way to finding the features. And in the same time, we refer from doctor’s idea add other conditions to help judging. In the first step, RP is the most important element. Most of the SLE and PSS features are raised by RP. In the other way, the features can be found in both of SLE and PSS patients. In order to divide the SLE and PSS patients into the correct class, other conditions are existed in necessary.

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What is nailfold microcirculation microscope Advantage?

1, In 5 seconds can be observed in the microvascular circulation, simple operation and fast

2, The microscopic image is stable, clear, do not shake

3, 400 times the microcirculation of a dedicated high-resolution lens of the microscope

4, Handheld ultra-lightweight design, so that the observation of more mobility

5, With micro-focus wheel, free to adjust the focus length, the use of more convenience

6, Lens built-in LED cold light source, accurate projection illumination on an object

7, Using non-invasive way, to observe the microcirculation of human body in time

8, Observing the microcirculation for any part of human body

What application nailfold capillary microscopy ?

nailfold capillary microscopy Widefield capillary microscopy A technique used to evaluate finger nailfold capillaries, using a wide-angle stereomicroscope or ophthalmoscope; enlargement, ↑ tortuosity, or ↓ number of capillaries occur in connective tissue diseases–eg, Raynaud’s phenomenon, scleroderma–to evaluate extent of visceral involvement, MCTD, dermatomyositis, SLE.

Abstract. Nailfold capillaroscopy is a method of great diagnostic value in the differential diagnosis of primary versus secondary Raynaud´s phenomenon, of systemic sclerosis versus other so called connective tissue diseases and of additional diagnostic value in other entities. Rheumatologists, dermatologists, and angiologists in Germany have convened in an interdisciplinary working group in which they synergistically combined their expertise to develop a common nomenclature and standards for the technical performance of nailfold capillary microscopy. The article gives an overview of historical and technical aspects of capillaroscopy, morphologic findings, and disease-specific patterns. It also provides a critical appraisal of its significance in the diagnosis and sequelae of these interdisciplinarily-managed diseases including its performance in children and gives an excursion in the potential perspectives of capillaroscopy in less common indications.

What Nail-fold Capillaroscope Characteristics, configuration and features


Color capillaroscope with coaxially conjugated hand wheel for focus adjustment and transverse/longitudinal moving plane table
electronic light source
high resolution color CCD video camera connected with desktop or laptop computer to provide sharp and stable image with perfect color
specialized object lens for capillaroscope with 5 times magnifying power
fine case made of high strength plastic material, wearable and portable


Main System configuration and features:

total magnifying power 380 times
Achromatic objective lens 7 times magnification and 25mm effective working distance
Coaxial conjugate range of rough adjustment 35mm range of fine adjustment 35mm
Coaxial vertical and horizontal movement of the platform vertical movement area 35mm, horizontal movement area 35mm.
electronic light source rated voltage 220V 50Hz mercury lamp 125W, tungsten lamp 250W, fuse tube 5A ,Power of blower fan:18W
Fiber bundle diameter  6mm, length 1000mm, transmittance≥70%.

Where and who need the nailfold microcirculation microscope?

The microcirculation microscope is widely used in the field of hospitals, school laboratories, clinics, etc., as the best auxiliary testing equipment. And it is also used in health food industry, as a communication platform for product promotion when, making money equipment, beauty industry.

For it is non-invasive, only to observe the end of the finger armor section, you can do the blood microcirculation review. You can observe microcirculation pipe loop patterns, the number of pipe loop, blood flow, bleeding, etc., help determine the sub-health status and blood stasis and brain / cardiovascular related diseases.




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