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Nailfold capillaroscopy microscopy

Nail fold microscopy what it how working why it and how get price?

What is needle capillaroscopy?

Nail fold microscopy Nail fold microscopy Nail fold microscopy

The nail capillary microcirculation microscope is an advanced medical optoelectronic instrument equipped with a special built-in LED light source, mainly used to observe human nail fold capillary microcirculation or video nail capillary microscopy, such as capillary blood flow, abnormal vascular structure microcirculation Cell adhesion is achieved through a powerful 380X (or 240X) optical magnification. A distortion-free live dynamic video stream is transmitted to the LCD monitor screen via a Sony CCD imaging device.
Simply insert your finger into the holder underneath the optic device, make fine adjustments to fix the focus and discover the desired image in seconds. Capillary microcirculation microscopy is a non-invasive diagnostic tool that has gained widespread acclaim among various physicians for the study of skin capillaries.

Nail fold microscopy

How does Nail fold microscopy work?

a) Monitor the switch with the contrast at maximum (clockwise rotation) and the brightness at medium high (clockwise rotation). b) Fold the left ring fingernail, apply a little oil (or paraffin oil) and align it with the finger seat

At the bottom of the objective lens, the thick hand wheel of the Nail fold microscopy is rotated and focused until a clear image appears on the monitor screen. Also, then adjust the contrast and brightness of the monitor without glare and image clarity. (Note: The Nail fold microscopy focus handwheel adopts the international advanced coaxial coarse adjustment mechanism, when the coarse adjustment handwheel is rotated for the first time to locate the image, then adjust the fine adjustment handwheel until the image is clear and focus is very convenient and easy. Since the rough hand wheel is found to be too loose or too tight, the dancer’s hand can be rotated to properly adjust the angle of rotation, i.e., free to lift without adjusting to fall.

Nail fold microscopy

Why Nail fold microscopy?

*:: Checking the microcirculation of the human blood is not an invasive method.

*:: Blood microcirculation to check health from a visual perspective.

* This is a linkage process. It can search for the tip’s capillary location in less than 5 seconds. Easy to operate (not traditional XY goods).
*:: The microscopic image is stable, clear and does not move during contact.

* :: 360 times, high-definition lenses for microcirculators.
* Lightweight frame, easy to carry.
*:: Portable lighting design (250 g).
*:: The focal length of the lens can be precisely adjusted to make the image clear.
*:: Lenses with LED lights that direct the light to the target.
(1) Microvascular circulation can be observed within 5 seconds, simple and fast operation. (2) The Nail fold microscopy shows stable, clear and non-jittering images. (3) 3400 microcirculations for high resolution microscopy. (4) Handheld ultra-lightweight design for more dynamic observation. (5) With a fine-adjustable focus wheel, the focal length can be adjusted for greater convenience. (6) The inner mirror uses LED cold light source, which can provide accurate target projection lighting.
(7) Observe the microcirculation of human blood in a timely manner using non-interventional methods. (8) Microcirculation in any part of the body can be observed.

Nail fold microscopy Nail fold microscopy

Who needs where to Nail fold microscopy?

1, Microcirculation observation at the distal nail wall

2, distal skin microcirculation observation

3, Tongue microcirculation observation.

4, distal auricular microcirculation observation.

5, lip microcirculation observation.

6, microcirculation was observed at other sites.

7, sweat glands were observed.

8, observed hair follicles.

9, Bamboo charcoal commodity microcirculation efficiency test

10, Far-infrared commodity microcirculation efficiency test

11, Titanium germanium microcirculation cargo performance testing

12, Ore commodity microcirculation efficiency testing

Nail fold microscopy what it how working why it and how get price?

capillary under microscope

How to get the Nail fold microscopy?

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Nail fold microscopy Nail fold microscopy

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