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Nailfold capillaroscopy microscopy

capillary under microscope and nail fold capillary microscope

What is capillary under microscope?

capillary under microscope

capillary under microscope

capillary under microscope

capillary under microscope

capillary under microscope

capillary under microscope

microcirculation test

What is DMX 960 II Microcirculation Microscope?

320X DigiLensDMX960 II Portable Color LCD Microscope
320X Biological Microscope

Microcirculation microscope:
DigiLensDMX960II Portable Color LCD Microscope
Magnification: 320x
LED Illumination
Adjustable range
Sony colour CCD
Picture Element: 537 (h) x 505 (v)
Minimum lllumination: 0. 2lux F2. 0
Scanning System: 380 TV Line
S / N Ratio: 52dB
Power Source: DC 12V / 90mA
Operation Temperature: 20 c TO 50 c
Operation Humidity: within 85 RH
Video Output: 1. 0v p-p composite video at 75 ohm
TV System: NTSC / PAL

PAT NO. 249047
PAT NO. 3102666
PAT NO. 20103334. 9

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artery vein capillary under microscope
capillary under microscope
capillary under a microscope

microcirculation test machine

Total Magnification : 400X(8 inches) 500X(10 inches)

Magnification of Objective : 10X

Image Pickup System : High-definition Color CCD Imaging(1/3-inch-size Panasonic Chip) High-definition 8-inch-size /10-inch-size Liquid Crystal Display(customized screen of 4:3)

Adjustment Mechanism : Coarse Micro Coaxial,Coarse Adjustment 26mm, Fine Adjustment 0.002mm

Working Height : 0mm-30mm

Objective Table : Can rotate 360 degrees and move along the XY axis.

Platform Mobile Range : 88mmx33mm

Objective Table Size : 130mmx120mm

Accommodation Mode : Right Hand Coaxial Adjustment

Lighting System : LED Lighting System with high brightness, low consumption and prominent energy conservation. The new luminaire with low temperature, long lifetime for 10000 to 20000 hours can be used for lifetime which lowers the cost.

Input Voltage : 12V

The Whole 8-inch-size Machine Gross Weight: 5.5 kg

8-inch-size Carton Size/Aluminum Alloy Carton Size : 340mmx280mmx220mm

Carton Packing Dimension : 380mmx340mmx260mm

The Whole 10-inch-size Machine Gross Weight: 6.95 kg

10-inch-size Carton Size/Aluminum Alloy Carton Size : 340mmx310mmx255mm

Carton Packing Dimension : 380mmx300mmx380mm

Accessory : a Vascular wall chart nailfold illustration,instructions,teaching CD and pine tar

Scope of Application : Aesthetic health care,medical research etc. Testing blood flow velocity professionally and analyzing health standard.

How capillary under microscope work?

How to use microcirculation machine?

Usage of latest medical microcirculation nailfold capillaroscopy machine

1. Fix the screen on the top of the mechanical machines.

2. Plug in the power line and vidao line to the interface of the base.

3. Connect the plug, the plug shows green lights. Press the “Power” button of the screen, wait 3 seconds, the screnn will light.

4. Paint three drops of oil at the position of the intersection of the ring finger nails and skin. Put the oil coated finger in finger hold.

5. Adjuet the coarse hand wheel, when the screen displays images, then adjust fine handwheel. Picture becomes clearer. The bigger one is the coarse adjustable wheel and the small wheel is the fine handwheel. When the machine is about 2-3cm away from the finger, there will be a transparent image on screen.

6. Then, adjuet platform lateral movement handwheel to et a correct position of the first line of the vessel( capillary tube ) and adjuet the fine coarse handwheel to get a clear picture of the vessel. Your fingers will move from left to right on the double loading platform. So try to find the first line of vessels by rotating the platform lateral movement handwheel to change the position of the finger. And finally rotate the fine handwheel ( the position is showed in the structure ) to get a clear picture of the vessels.

7. If there is spot on the screen, rotate the carmera right and left to eliminate it.

Who to use the capillary under microscope?

Where and who need the nailfold microcirculation microscope?

The microcirculation microscope is widely used in the field of hospitals, school laboratories, clinics, etc., as the best auxiliary testing equipment. And it is also used in health food industry, as a communication platform for product promotion when, making money equipment, beauty industry.

For it is non-invasive, only to observe the end of the finger armor section, you can do the blood microcirculation review. You can observe microcirculation pipe loop patterns, the number of pipe loop, blood flow, bleeding, etc., help determine the sub-health status and blood stasis and brain / cardiovascular related diseases.

nailfold capillary microscopy

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