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Nailfold capillaroscopy microscopy

What is capillary microscope?

What is capillary microscope?

capillary microscope microcirculation test microcirculation test

What is capillary microscope?-We have achieved a remarkable position in the industry by supplying, trading and importing a superior quality range of Micro-circulation test machines. Our range can generate high-speed eddy current build up with clockwise rotation just because of the effect of spiral translation massage. Moreover, on an invariable cardiac load condition, this machine can promote metabolism and blood circulation, run blood and supply magnetic energy, adjust body function and join arteries and veins.

capillary microscope is the circulation of the blood in the smallest blood vessels,present in the vasculature embedded within organ tissues. This contrasts with macrocirculation, which is the circulation of blood to and from the organs. capillary microscope is composed of terminalarterioles, capillaries capillaries and venules which drain capillary blood. The vessels on the arterial side of the capillary microscope are called the arterioles, which are well innervated, are surrounded by smooth musclecells, and are 10-100 µm in diameter.

capillary microscope
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nailfold capillary microscopy

capillary microscope is usually very smooth, but by high blood lipids, blood viscosity, erythrocyte aggregation, affect cardiovascular disease and other factors, capillary microscope appears white tiny blood clots, which with the blood flow in the body.

Once the blood vessels become thin, distorted and clog the blood vessels (especially the elderly), there will be a corresponding disease, ranging from dizziness, insomnia, dizziness, numb lips, palpitation, chest tightness. If there is a large area of the brain or heart blockage will cause hemiplegia, language barriers, myocardial infarction. Therefore, early detection of thrombosis should check the capillary microscope by actively antithrombotic thrombolysis, and clear the capillary microscope, preventive measures.

Currently, the primary means of discovery is capillary microscope capillary microscope microscopic examination instrument, and general such as CT, MRI, X-ray, B-and so can not be found, so the clinical capillary microscope earlier than macroscopic examination has found early diagnosis role.
Meanwhile, health groups and immunocompromised people are mainly in the capillary microscope, lack of microvascular perfusion, vascular blurred, slow blood flow. By detecting the capillary microscope can also quickly find the body in which the current situation in a timely manner as soon as possible be capillary microscope, increase resistance and immunity, improve the sub-health conditions.

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The Nailfold Capillaroscopy capillary microscope Microscope is an advance medical photoelectric apparatus,equipped with built in special LED light source,used mainly in observation on human nail fold capillary capillary microscope or term as video Nailfold capillaroscopy,Such as capillary blood flow, abnormal capillary microscope of the vascular structure, cell adhesion, through its powerful 380X(or 240X)optical magnification. Undistorted, real time dynamic video streaming via Sony CCD imaging device onto the LCD monitor screen.

Simply insert the finger to the holder below the optical lens apparatus, fine-tune to fix the focal length and uncover the desired images within seconds.Blood capilliary capillary microscope microscope is a non-invasive diagnostic tools, which is gaining large credit among physicians of different specialities in for study of skin blood capilliary network.

Functions of latest medical capillary microscope nailfold capillaroscopy machine-Latest medical capillary microscope nailfold capillaroscopy machine is a new photoelectric instrument of non-invasive and no side effects,whice is used to check the nailfold capillary microscope of human body.It’s widely used in clinical for diagnosising the early capillary microscope change, Condition forecast, curative effect judgment and prognosis estimation of many diseases (such as heart head blood-vessel, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.).


Product Name: Micro-circulation Machine
Box Measurement:
Weight: 5 kg
Width: 35 cm X25 cm
Height: 20 cm
Manufacturer: Made In China

What is capillary microscope Benefit?

1.in 5 seconds can be observed in the microvascular circulation, simple operation and fast;
2.the microscopic image is stable, clear, do not shake;
3.400 times the capillary microscope of a dedicated high-resolution lens of the microscope;
4.handheld ultra-light design, so that the observation of more mobility;
5.with micro-focus wheel, free to adjust the focus length, the use of more convenience
6.lens built-in LED cold light source, accurate projection illumination on an object;
7.using non-invasive way, to observe the capillary microscope of human body in time;
8.observing the capillary microscope for any part of human body.

 microcirculation microscope

How to use capillary microscope?

a) monitor switch, the contrast to the maximum (clockwise rotation), the brightness to mid-range high (clockwise rotation).
b) Fold the left nameless nails painted less oil (or paraffin oil), on the finger seat, align the bottom of the objective lens, microscope coarse hand wheel rotation, alignment focus, until a clear picture appears on the monitor screen. At the same time, then adjust the monitor’s contrast and brightness, with no glare and image clarity as well. (Note: The microscope focusing hand wheel adopts the international advanced common rail coaxial coarse and fine focusing mechanism when the first rotation coarse hand wheel to locate the image, and then fine-tune the hand wheel is adjusted to the image is clear, the focus is very convenient, easy. As found in the coarse handwheel is too loose or too tight, you can rotate the dancer hand rotation properly adjusted, that is, not adjusted to the decline and lift freely.)

capillary microcirculation microcirculation

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