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microcirculation test machine is what?

microcirculation test machine is what?

microcirculation test machine microcirculation test machine

What is DMX980-1 microcirculation test machine?-Light design, View clear, Easy operation
DMX-980-1 Microcirculation Microscope Set (with aluminum case and accessories) • Total weight: 2.6 kg.
Shipping Carton Size: 360x140x300mm • Total: 2.9 kgs
DMX-980-1 Microcirculation Microscope (one year warranty)
• Magnification: 320 times (about 5-7 lines left to right of the screen)
• Power: 12VDC ± 1V / 250mA Input
• Operating temperature: -20 ° C to 50 ° C
Video output: composite video signal output
• TV system: NTSC
Focusing system: with micro-focus button, image analysis
• Light source: LED group light source, long service life (LED light source group lifetime warranty)
Coaxial power cable and signal cable with 12VDC Input and Output
• Video output: TFT LCD screen, TV screen output
• Body weight: 600g (body size: 109x100x163mm)

8 “LCD color high resolution screen
Resolution: 800 * 600 RGB
• left and right degrees of view: 70-70 degrees
• Up-down viewing: 65-65 degrees
• Voltage: 9-15VDC
Working temperature: -20 ~ +70
• Weight: 640g
• Size: 220x175x70mm
International voltage transformers
• Enter: 100-240VAC
Output: 12VDC 1.5A
• DC plug size: diameter 5.5mm, diameter 2.1mm
• Weight: 120g
Baby bottle
• Capacity: 50cc
Aluminum case
• Weight: 1200g
• Size: 335x270x125mm

microcirculation test machine microcirculation test machine

DMX Microcirculator standard accessories are as follows:
1.100 ~ 240V Transformer (International Transformer)
2. Baby bottle
3. Carrying aluminum case (portable or shoulder-type)
4. Microscope mainframe
5.8-inch screen
6. Signal transmission line
7. Microcirculation map interpretation page
8. Chinese and English operating instructions
9. Microcirculation Knowledge Profile

microcirculation machine price

microcirculation test machine

microcirculation test machine in india

tasly microcirculation machine

microcirculation machine

microcirculation test machine microcirculation test machine 

What is microcirculation test machine

The main functions of the microcirculation are the delivery of oxygen and nutrients and the removal of carbon dioxide (CO2). It also serves to regulate blood flow and tissue perfusion thereby affecting blood pressure and responses to inflammation which can include edema (swelling).

The blood capillaries are where the important functions of the microcirculation take place: the exchange of material between circulation and cells. Capillaries are the smallest of the body’s blood vessels. They are only one cell thick, and they are the sites of the transfer of oxygen and other nutrients from the bloodstream to other tissues in the body; they also collect carbon dioxide waste materials and fluids for return to the veins.

How to Installation and use the nailfold microcirculation test machine?

Insert the Monitor into the microscope.
Plug in 110Vto220 V power supply, and turn on the switch.
Spread a little fragrant pitch on the nail fold of the third finger on left hand and put it in the finger seat, adjust the vertical-horizontal platform to make the nail fold under the objective lens, use the structure of ascent and descent adjustment to adjust the focus until the image become clear.
Horizontally move the Light source to adjust the direction or angle of image on the monitor.

microcirculation test machine microcirculation microscope microcirculation microscope microcirculation microscope

How to Maintenance the nailfold microcirculation test machine?

The instrument should be put at the place where is cool, dry, and no dust and acid or alkali.
The relative humidity of air should be less than 60% when using.
When moving the instrument in winter, if the temperature in two places is different comparatively, the instrument only can be used after it has adapted the temperature, so as to prevent from mould on the optics lens.
The objective lens has been already checked and sealed up; disassembly without qualified personnel is prohibited. The dust on objective lens surface can be blown out with drying ball or wiping gently with the clean writing brush. (Wipe paper for lens is also available)
If there is dust on the CCD camera, the absorbent cotton dipped in the mixture of ethanol and ether (proportion is 7:2) can be used to polish gently. Rotate and wipe gently from the target center to outwards while polishing.
Keep the instrument clean.




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