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What is microcirculation test?

What is microcirculation test?

microcirculation test microcirculation test microcirculation test microcirculation test

Fingernails reach their peak growth in the second and third decades, with a slight decline thereafter. A possible reason, is decreased blood flow and medical conditions that can affect it — like Raynaud’s phenomenon, which causes a spasmodic constriction of blood flow.

As the nail receives nutrition from blood flow, new nail plate cells are made. They push older nail plate cells forward extending the length of the nail. In humans, nails grow at an average rate of 3 mm (0.12 in) a month.

Using the AVACEN 100 has been shown to increase projected fingernail growth by approximately 400% of normal expected growth on both the treatment hand and the opposite hand. This is attributed to the increased microvascular circulation and nutrition initiated by the device.*

A 56 year old female was used in the pictures below. Only the left hand was used in the AVACEN 100 for a 6 day period. Using recognized nail growth calculations; the average age adjusted nail growth should be approximately 1/10th of an inch for an entire month . The pictures below shows the nail growth on the right hand to be approximately 1/10th of an inch in only 6 days.

microcirculation test microcirculation test microcirculation test

microcirculation test

microcirculation test



What is microcirculation test Analyzer?

microcirculation test Analyzeragnification:

480 times
CCD: SONY 1/4 -inch CCD
Minimum illumination: 0.2Lux F2.0
Resolution: >380 TV Line
Power supply: 12V±1V / 2.5A
Ambient temperature during working: -20°C~ 50°C
Ambient humidity during working: < 85%RH
Light source: LED cold light

microcirculation test Product Features:

1. Fast and easy operation to detect microcirculation (ultra microscope, high-resolution microscope, high-magnification microscope) in less than 5s
2. Stable and clear imaging
3. 320 times high resolution lens specialized for microcirculation examination
4. Light & compact handheld design
5. Fine tuning for easy adjustment of focus
6. Built-in LED light source for accurate lighting direction
7. Non-invasive observation and analysis of microcirculation
8. Wide application to any part of the human body

microcirculation test Applications:

1. Nail fold
2. Skin peripheral vessels
3. Tough microcirculation (ultra microscope, high-resolution microscope, high-magnification microscope)
4. Auricle microcirculation
5. Lip microcirculation
6. Other parts of the human body
7. Sweat gland
8. Hair follicle
9. Effect evaluation of microcirculation enhancing products

microcirculation test

microcirculation test machine

microcirculation test machine in india

blood microcirculation test machine

microcirculation microscope

microcirculation microscope

How to use microcirculation test?

a) monitor switch, the contrast to the maximum (clockwise rotation), the brightness to mid-range high (clockwise rotation).
b) Fold the left nameless nails painted less oil (or paraffin oil), on the finger seat, align the bottom of the objective lens, microscope coarse hand wheel rotation, alignment focus, until a clear picture appears on the monitor screen. At the same time, then adjust the monitor’s contrast and brightness, with no glare and image clarity as well. (Note: The microscope focusing hand wheel adopts the international advanced common rail coaxial coarse and fine focusing mechanism when the first rotation coarse hand wheel to locate the image, and then fine-tune the hand wheel is adjusted to the image is clear, the focus is very convenient, easy. As found in the coarse handwheel is too loose or too tight, you can rotate the dancer hand rotation properly adjusted, that is, not adjusted to the decline and lift freely.)

How to use microcirculation test ?

1.Fix the screen on the top of the mechanical machines.

2.Plug in the power line and vidao line to the interface of the base.

3. Connect the plug, the plug shows green lights. Press the “Power” button of the screen, wait 3 seconds, the screnn will light.

4.Paint three drops of oil at the position of the intersection of the ring finger nails and skin. Put the oil coated finger in finger hold.

5. Adjust the coarse hand wheel, when the screen displays images, then adjust fine handwheel. Picture becomes clearer. The bigger one is the coarse adjustable wheel and the small wheel is the fine handwheel. When the machine is about 2-3cm away from the finger, there will be a transparent image on screen.

6.Then, adjust platform lateral movement hand wheel to et a correct position of the first line of the vessel( capillary tube ) and adjust the fine coarse hand wheel to get a clear picture of the vessel. Your fingers will move from left to right on the double loading platform. So try to find the first line of vessels by rotating the platform lateral movement handwheel to change the position of the finger. And finally rotate the fine hand wheel ( the position is showed in the structure ) to get a clear picture of the vessels.

7.If there is spot on the screen, rotate the camera right and left to eliminate it.

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