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Microscope Nail Blood Circulation

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Microscope Nail Blood Circulation

What is a Microscope Nail Blood Circulation: needle capillary Microscope Nail Blood Circulation is a non-invasive, no side effects of the new photoelectric instrument for the Examination of the human nail wrinkle microcirculation. Widely used in clinical practice to diagnose early changes in microcirculation, conditions for many diseases (e.g. cardiovascular, hypertension, stroke. (diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.) prediction, efficacy determination and prognosis evaluation.

Microscope Nail Blood Circulation

How does the Microscope Nail Blood Circulation work?

1.Fix the screen on the top of the mechanical device.

Insert the power cord and vidao cable into the interface of the base.

microscope nail blood circulation

Nailfold Capillaroscopy cpt Code Picture show you

Connect the plug, the plug shows green light. Press the “Power” button on the screen, wait 3 seconds, the screen will light up.

Apply three drops of oil on the fingernail of the ring finger where it meets the skin. Place the oiled finger in the finger rest.

Adjust the coarse hand wheel when the screen displays the image, then adjust the fine hand wheel. The image becomes clearer. The larger is the coarse adjustment wheel, the smaller is the fine hand wheel. When the machine is about 2-3cm away from your finger, a transparent image will appear on the screen.

Microscope Nail Blood Circulation

6. then the adjustment stage moves the handwheel laterally to the correct position in the first row (capillary) of the container and adjusts the fine coarse handwheel to get the Clear image. Your finger will move from left to right on the double loading platform. So try to locate the first row of vessels by rotating the platform to move the handwheel laterally to locate the finger. Finally rotate the fine handwheel (position is shown in the structure) to get a clear image of the vessel.

7.If there is a speck on the screen, rotate the Carmella left or right to remove it.

Microscope Nail Blood Circulation Microscope Nail Blood Circulation

Microscope Nail Blood Circulation

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