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The 10 Way to Fail at microcirculation test

microcirculation test

What can analysis microcirculation test?

What can analysis microcirculation test?

(1) Hypertension: Enter sticks spasm, slender, showing hook-shaped pipe loop. Reduce the number of blood vessels, blood flow velocity faster.

(2) coronary artery disease: to reduce the number of loop tube, severe deformity, lower output and papillary venous plexus branch expansion, stasis. Erythrocyte aggregation, slow blood flow, blood plasma separation, severe blood was sand-like.

(3) hypotension: pipe loop hidden, more gentle, stiffness, redness of the skin lighter, slow blood flow or stagnation.

(4) chronic bronchitis, asthma, pulmonary heart disease: reducing the number of pipe loops, loop short loop or only see the top or disappear, pipe loop deformity, nipple vein dilation, blood flow is slow. Senile chronic bronchitis, which pipe loop than normal, but between milk under severe venous plexus dilatation.

(5) Diabetes: pipe loop fuzzy, deformity, the wall is not smooth, common flocculent pipe loop, blood viscosity is high, the flow rate is slow, sometimes dotted line shape.

(6) Liver: pipe loop deformity, not smooth, oozing or bleeding, severe red blood cell aggregation, blood flow is slow, severe venous plexus obvious.

(7) peripheral vascular disease (vasculitis): reduce the number of pipe loops, deformity, loop top bleeding, oozing or bleeding, blood flow is slow uneven.

(8) Rheumatology: pipe loop length extension spasms disappeared, pulse movement dilated, blood, red blood cell aggregation, thrombosis obvious, slow flow.

(9) Kidney Disease: pale background, loop week exudation, bleeding, blood stasis classes, reducing the number of pipe loops is not clear, uneven thickness, pipe loop tortuous twisting, spasms end arterioles, venules end opposite the relaxation, flow It slowed down.

(10) atherosclerosis: pipe loop deformation, distortion, wall coarse “twist” and “cross” shape more and bigger blood viscosity, slow blood flow level.

microcirculation test

What is microcirculation test Structure?

What is microcirculation test Structure?

1. 8 inch monitor

2. imported chip CCD

3. fine handwheel

4. coarse handwheel

5. platform lateral movement

6. longitudinal movement of the platform

7. finger hold

8. image spot adjustment ( could totate from left and right )

microcirculation test

What is microcirculation test Features?

What is microcirculation test Features?
1 It is not a invaded method to inspect the blood micro-circulate situation for the body.
2 The blood micro-circulate inspect the health situation by view perspective.
3 It is a contact process. It can search the tip blood capillary position in 5 second. Easy operation (not traditional XY goods)
4 The micro-image is stable, clear and not move for contact process.
5 360 times, high definition lens for micro-circulate machine
6 Light frame and easy to carry
7 Portable light design(250g)
8 The lens can be exactly adjusted a focal distance to make the image clear
9 Lens with LED light, the light can throw straight on a target.
(1)Can be observed in 5 seconds microvascular circulation, simple operation, fast.
(2)Microscopic displays image stability, clear and not shake.
(3)3400 times of microcirculation for high resolution microscopy.
(4)Handheld ultra lightweight design, make observation more action.
(5)With micro focus wheel, can adjust the focal length, more convenience.
(6)Inner objective with LED cold light,can provide accurate projection illumination on the target.
(7)Using non-intrusive way, observing blood microcirculation status in a timely manner.
(8)Can observation microcirculation For any parts of body.

microcirculation test

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