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Nailfold capillaroscopy microscopy

The 10 Regret of My tasly microcirculation Career

tasly microcirculation

What is tasly microcirculation characteristics?

What is tasly microcirculation characteristics:

The MK-006 model detection instruent for microcirculation adopts the form of integrated structure. By using imported ABS raw materials, each part has been made precisely. The horizontal travel mechanism, using the copper and plastic gear pair, possesses the characteristics of flexible moving, high abrasion proof and low noise etc. The vertical focus changed into a new type of travel mechanism, which is mold of imported polyformaldehyde material with the characteristics of convenient operation and high position accuracy.

tasly microcirculation

What is tasly microcirculation?

What is tasly microcirculation?

Main technical Parameter

1.Video Enlargement:(14’Monitor) 200X

2.Chromatic aberration diminishing object lens :4X

3.Vertical Adjustment distance:20mm

4.Horizontal movement (ultra microscope) distance: 20mm in vertical direction, 20mmin horizontal direction

5.Cold light source: Double light:220V/125W;Winter model and Summer model

6.Optical fiber bundle: Diameter 6mm,length 1000mm, light transmittance 70 percentage

7.Weight:22kg(Black and White Set); 24kg(Color Set)

Widely used in medical service and health products sales etc.

tasly microcirculation

What is tasly microcirculation?

What is tasly microcirculation?

tasly microcirculation examination has been used since late 1950s as a non-invasive in-vivo technique for diagnosing and monitoring connective tissue disease in adults. Disorders such as Raynaud’s phenomenon, progressive systemic sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis were detected in more than 80% of adult patients, by analyzing such high resolution images. In this research paper, we propose a framework to classify nailfold capillary microscopy images into SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) and PSS (Progress Systemic sclerosis) diseases. Based on statistical data collected in Taichung Veteran’s General Hospital (TCVGH), Taiwan, higher percentage of adult patients are find with SLE patients, when compared with PSS. According to ARA (American Rheumatism Association), patients’ outside features are obviously. The PSS patients are the same way to finding the features. And in the same time, we refer from doctor’s idea add other conditions to help judging. In the first step, RP is the most important element. Most of the SLE and PSS features are raised by RP. In the other way, the features can be found in both of SLE and PSS patients. In order to divide the SLE and PSS patients into the correct class, other conditions are existed in necessary.

tasly microcirculation

What is tasly microcirculation?

What is tasly microcirculation?

Light design, View clear, Easy operation

DigiLens DMX960II Portable micro-circulate machine- It is a new development product. It provide to observe the tip of finger blood vessel flow situation.The characteristic is as follows:

Magnification: NEW 320x

Product characteristic:

1,It is not a invaded method to inspect the blood micro-circulate situation for the body.

2,The blood micro-circulate inspect the health situation by view perspective.

3,It is a contact process. It can search the tip blood capillary position in 5 second. Easy operation

4,The micro-image is stable, clear and not move for contact process.

5, 320 times, high definition lens for micro-circulate machine

6,Light frame and easy to carry

7,Portable light design(250g)

8,The lens can be exactly adjusted a focal distance to make the image clear

9,Lens with LED light, the light can throw straight on a target.

10,Through the image catching card, it can be transmitted to computer. Then, it also can be saved

to edit for wireless network transmitted and video conference.


PAT NO. ZL 2009 2 0170552.1 CHINA
PAT NO. 3157776 JAPAN


Delivery time 3 days

Our quotation will be readjust prices subject to the fluctuant exchange rate.

tasly microcirculation

What is Fingernail Growth and tasly microcirculation

What is Fingernail Growth and tasly microcirculation

Fingernails reach their peak growth in the second and third decades, with a slight decline thereafter. A possible reason, is decreased blood flow and medical conditions that can affect it — like Raynaud’s phenomenon, which causes a spasmodic constriction of blood flow.

As the nail receives nutrition from blood flow, new nail plate cells are made. They push older nail plate cells forward extending the length of the nail. In humans, nails grow at an average rate of 3 mm (0.12 in) a month.

Using the AVACEN 100 has been shown to increase projected fingernail growth by approximately 400% of normal expected growth on both the treatment hand and the opposite hand. This is attributed to the increased microvascular circulation and nutrition initiated by the device.*

A 56 year old female was used in the pictures below. Only the left hand was used in the AVACEN 100 for a 6 day period. Using recognized nail growth calculations; the average age adjusted nail growth should be approximately 1/10th of an inch for an entire month . The pictures below shows the nail growth on the right hand to be approximately 1/10th of an inch in only 6 days.

tasly microcirculation

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