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Nailfold capillaroscopy microscopy

What is capillary microcirculation?

What is capillary microcirculation?

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Technical parameters

1.magnification over 400 times

2. built-in camera380 000 pixels

3. light source LED

4.brightness of the light source over 600cd/m2

5. Stage X-Y double layer compound mechanical stage

6. Color LCD monitor 8.5inch (4:3) Color LCD monitor 7 inch (16:9)

7.AC input 100-240V50/60Hz DC output DC12V,2A

8. Package aluminum box (Size 40x29x36cm)

9. Gross weight 6.8kg

Testing conditions

1) Check the room temperature and humidity. Room temperature and humidity

should be kept relatively constant. room temperature should be maintained in the 22-24 degree , relative humidity about 70%

2) the patient generally take seats, keep the height of the hand the same with heart

3) Preparation of paraffin oil or cedar oil.Drop 2 drops in the nailfold skin. (Purpose prove light

transmission, and reduce skin scattering)

4)Testing generally be in the morning or afternoon, and review should at the same time every day .

5) the patient should

a.Avoiding intense activity or manual labor within one hour before testing

b. Take a rest about 15-30 minutes before testing

c.Can not take any drug which will affect the cardiovascular vessels before testing

d. Does not smoke , wash hands or eat within an hour before testing

e.Pay attention to the influence of the Female menstrual

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How to use microcirculation machine?

Step 1: connect one side of the power with the plug

Step 2: connect other side of the power with the sub-second line

Step 3 connect one end of the sub-second line with the extend line

Step 4: connect the two end of sub-second line with the machine and the monitor blood microcirculation test machine

Step 5 : connect the video line to the machine and the monitor

Step 6: connect the power. Now the machine is ready for testing

How to Maintenance microcirculation machine

1. Place in a cool, dry, no dust, no acid, no-place.
2. The air relative humidity less than 60%.
3. When moving, before installation if two temperature difference, room temperature should be adapted to the use of the instrument, in order to prevent the optical lens fogging, mildew.
4.The objective has been parity, can not disassemble. Dust on the mirror ball blow hair available, or gently wipe with a clean brush (or lens cleaning paper).
5. The camera target surface is dusty, slightly soiled cotton xylene gently wipe test, turn gently rub outward from the center of the target surface wipe.
6. The objective should be taken to avoid being hit.
7. Keep the instrument surface clean.

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