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Nailfold capillaroscopy microscopy

nail fold checking microscope

TypeMulti-Function Beauty Equipment
Place of OriginAnhui, China (Mainland)


nail fold checking microscope

1.magnification aa380 times

2. built-in camera380 000 pixels

3. light source LED

nailfold checking microscope

 (1) technical parameters


1.magnification ≥380 times

 2. built-in camera380 000 pixels


3. light source LED


4.brightness of the light source  ≥ 600cd/m2


5. Stage  X-Y double layer compound mechanical stage


6. Color LCD monitor  7 inch (16:9)/8 inch (4:3)


7.AC input 100~240V50/60Hz DC output DC12V,2A


8. Package aluminum box (Size 34*29*20cm)


9. Gross weight 6KG


(2)component of the color microcirculation detector

spare parts Quantity Note
XW880 host one  
LCD monitor one  
power adapter one  
cedar oil one  
cotton swab one  
chart one  



(3)features of this color circulation microcirculation detector

1,in 5 seconds can be observed in the microvascular circulation, simple operation and fast

2,the microscopic image is stable, clear, do not shake

3, 400 times the microcirculation of a dedicated high-resolution lens of the microscope

4,handheld ultra-lightweight design, so that the observation of more mobility

5,with micro-focus wheel, free to adjust the focus length, the use of more convenience

6,lens built-in LED cold light source, accurate projection illumination on an object

7,using non-invasive way, to observe the microcirculation of human body in time

8 ,observing the microcirculation for any part of human body



1,nail wall distal microcirculation observation

2,cutaneous distal microcirculation observation

3,tongue microcirculation observation

4, the auricle distal microcirculation observation

5,lips microcirculation observation

6, the other parts of the microcirculation observed

7,sweat glands observed

8,hair follicles observed

9,bamboo charcoal commodity microcirculation efficiency testing

10 ,far- infrared commodity microcirculation efficiency testing

11 , the germanium titanium micro-circulation of goods performance detection

12 ,ore commodity micro-cycle efficiency detection


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