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Nailfold capillaroscopy microscopy

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metatron diagnostic machine review

What is metatron diagnostic machine review?

What is metatron diagnostic machine review?

ardiovascular and cerebrovascular detection equipment is a novel photoelectric instrument, no trauma, without any side effects, mainly used for human nail fold microcirculation examination, widely used in clinical disease (cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, rheumatism Arthritis, etc.) occurred in the early diagnosis of microcirculation changes, disease prediction, efficacy judgments and prognosis estimates, etc., to provide a basis for clinical diagnosis and treatment. Not only that, but also in the human health, beauty and other areas of life played an important role.

metatron diagnostic machine review

What is metatron diagnostic machine review?

What is metatron diagnostic machine review?

Main technical Parameter

1.Video Enlargement:(14’Monitor) 200X

2.Chromatic aberration diminishing object lens :4X

3.Vertical Adjustment distance:20mm

4.Horizontal movement (ultra microscope) distance: 20mm in vertical direction, 20mmin horizontal direction

5.Cold light source: Double light:220V/125W;Winter model and Summer model

6.Optical fiber bundle: Diameter 6mm,length 1000mm, light transmittance 70 percentage

7.Weight:22kg(Black and White Set); 24kg(Color Set)

Widely used in medical service and health products sales etc.

metatron diagnostic machine review

metatron diagnostic machine review: A Basic Screening Tool in Raynaud’s Phenomenon

metatron diagnostic machine review: A Basic Screening Tool in Raynaud’s Phenomenon

The term “Raynaud’s phenomenon” refers to a defined triphasic colour change pattern (white, blue, red) of the skin of the fingers. The initial pallor, which may lead to cyanosis (blue coloration) of the digits, is followed by reactive hyperemia and can be accompanied by numbness, paresthesias and pain. Raynaud’s is triggered by exposure to cold, emotional stress and specific drugs. Pathophysiologically it is characterized by an excessive vasoconstrictive response (dominance of vasoconstrisctive over vasodilatory factors) of the small arterioles and the digital arteries.Etiologically it can be classified as primary or secondary, mainly either to systemic sclerosis and related diseases, or to the thoracic outlet syndrome. As such, Raynaud’s phenomenon represents an important clinical manifestation of microvascular involvement. Rare cases of paraneoplastic Raynaud’s have been described, the pathogenesis of which remains unclarified, has however been most likely attributed to neuroendocrine substances secreted by the tumor.Despite the evolution of the technology involved over the decades, nailfold capillaroscopy remains very simple in principle. The term refers to the non-invasive observation of the nailfold capillary bed. Nailfold capillaroscopy can be performed with basic equipment such as a magnifying lens, an ophthalmoscope, a dermatoscope/ stereomicroscope or a conventional wide field microscope; the nailfold video capillaroscope, however, is the gold standard tool, and provides the technology for the visualization and analysis both of morphological as well as rheological parameters of the skin microvasculature. Qualitative and quantitative microangiopathic parameters that can be recorded and analyzed include, among others, microhemorrhages, plexus morphology, capillary density, and morphologic anomalies of the end row loops. In normal conditions, or in primary Raynaud’s, the normal nailfold capillaroscopic pattern shows a regular disposition of the capillary loops along with the nailbed. In subjects suffering from secondary Raynaud’s phenomenon, alterations of the capillaroscopic findings should alert the physician of the possibility of a connective tissue disease or other conditions not yet detected.This review aims to outline the major characteristics of the normal nailfold microvascular network and the healthy variations that may be encountered in relation to age, race, employment etc, and highlight its applicability not only as a powerful tool in the screening of a variety of vascular disorders, in particular of autoimmune origin, but also as a potent tool in the follow-up of patients with established microvascular disorders in response to treatment.As microcirculation involvement is attracting increasing interest in chronic vascular diseases such as diabetes mellitus or hypertension, as a prognostic marker for macrovascular disease and target organ involvement, the acquaintance with and application of techniques assessing microvascular compromise gains particular significance. The advantages of capillaroscopy (low cost, uninvasiveness, repeatability, high sensitivity, good specificity and easy interpretation of the results) render this technique a valuable asset for the clinician.

metatron diagnostic machine review

How to install and metatron diagnostic machine review parameter

How to install and metatron diagnostic machine review parameter

metatron diagnostic machine review
1.handheld ultra-light weight design
2.non-invasive way
3.the unique one in China

metatron diagnostic machine review

(1)technical parameter

1.magnification:≥380 times

2.built-in Camera Pixels :380 000 pixels

3.light source:LED

4.brightness of the light source: 600cd/m2

5.Stage: X-Y double layer compound mechanical stage

6.Color LCD monitor: 8.5 inch (16:9)

7.AC input: 100~240V,50/60Hz DC output DC12V,2A

8.Package: aluminum box (Size 34*29*20cm)

9.Gross weight: 7KG


Technical parameters

Microscope Magnification

≥420 times

Built-in camera pixels

480000 pixels

Light source


Brightness of the light source

≥ 620cd/m2


X-Y double layer compound mechanical stage


AC input 100~240V 50/60Hz DC output DC12V,2A


Aluminum box

metatron diagnostic machine review

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