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Nailfold capillaroscopy microscopy

10 Ways to Alienate capillaroscopy machine

capillaroscopy machine

How to install and capillaroscopy machine parameter

How to install and capillaroscopy machine parameter

capillaroscopy machine
1.handheld ultra-light weight design
2.non-invasive way
3.the unique one in China

capillaroscopy machine

(1)technical parameter

1.magnification:≥380 times

2.built-in Camera Pixels :380 000 pixels

3.light source:LED

4.brightness of the light source: 600cd/m2

5.Stage: X-Y double layer compound mechanical stage

6.Color LCD monitor: 8.5 inch (16:9)

7.AC input: 100~240V,50/60Hz DC output DC12V,2A

8.Package: aluminum box (Size 34*29*20cm)

9.Gross weight: 7KG


Technical parameters

Microscope Magnification

≥420 times

Built-in camera pixels

480000 pixels

Light source


Brightness of the light source

≥ 620cd/m2


X-Y double layer compound mechanical stage


AC input 100~240V 50/60Hz DC output DC12V,2A


Aluminum box

capillaroscopy machine

What is capillaroscopy machine?

What is capillaroscopy machine?

capillaroscopy machine

(Can not be continuously adjustable magnifying power)
Main Technical Parameters:
1. Object lens: 5X, 12.5 X Binoculars: 10 X
2. Magnification: Optical Zoom: 50 X; 125X, Digital zoom; 250 X; 625 X
3. Working distance: 38mm (low magnification) 7.5mm (high magnification)
4. Pupillary distance: 55mm-75mm Diopter Adjustment: ± 5dp
5. Microscope lifting range: 0 – 24mm
6. Minimum height of the elevation platform: 660mm
Platform elevation range: 160mm
7. Lateral movement range: ≥ 30mm Vertical movement range: ≥ 20mm
8. Jaw support movement range: ≥ 80mm
9. Mercury lamp: 220V 125W Halogen Lamp: 12V 50W
10. Axial flow fan: 12V 18W
11. Optic fibers: diameter 6mm; light transmittance ≥ 70%
12. Input voltage: 220V 50Hz; Safety category: I Class B

capillaroscopy machine

What is capillaroscopy machine?

What is capillaroscopy machine?

We have achieved a remarkable position in the industry by supplying, trading and importing a superior quality range of Micro-circulation test machines. Our range can generate high-speed eddy current build up with clockwise rotation just because of the effect of spiral translation massage. Moreover, on an invariable cardiac load condition, this machine can promote metabolism and blood circulation, run blood and supply magnetic energy, adjust body function and join arteries and veins.


Product Name: Micro-circulation Machine
Box Measurement:
Weight: 5 kg
Width: 35 cm X25 cm
Height: 20 cm
Manufacturer: Made In China

capillaroscopy machine

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