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Nailfold capillaroscopy microscopy

microcirculation microscope

Place of OriginAnhui, China (Mainland)
Model NumberXW-880
TheoryVideo Microscope


XW-880 type Portable Color Microcirculation MicroscopeFast and simple operation to detect microcirculation within 5s

handheld(color) microcirculation microscope

Product Features:
1. Fast and simple operation to detect microcirculation within 5s
2. Stable and clear imaging
3. 400 times high resolution lens specialized for microcirculation examination
4. Light & compact handheld design
5. Fine tuning for easy adjustment of focus
6. Built-in LED light source for accurate lighting direction

Magnification: 400 times
CCD: SONY 1/4 -inch CCD
Minimum illumination: 1.0 Lux
Resolution: >420 TV Line
Power supply: 12V±1V / 1.5A
Ambient temperature during working: -20°C 50°C
Ambient humidity during working: < 85%RH
Light source:  LED cold  light

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    microcirculation microscope

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