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Low-frequency Treatment Instrument

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Place of OriginGuangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand NameKangxing
Model NumberMKGX-2000B
Laser Output Powerless than 5mW+-%20 (Class 2M) X2
Adjustable Time Range:1~99mins, defaul time setting is 45 mins
Power source:3AA rechargeable batteries or use adaptor
Wave length:650nmX2
Charge adaptor:AC110/220V 50/60Hz
Weight:191.4g(batteries included)
Appearance Design Patent:ZL200430051496.2 ZL02337256.7 ZL200430051497.7
China Utility Model Patent NoZL02221901.3 ZL200520035426.7

GX-2000BSemiconductor Laser/ Low-frequency Treatment Instrument

SFDA Reg.:GUISHIYAOJIANXIE(Approval)2010 No.2240063

Carried Standard: YZB/GUI 0019-2010

China Patent No.: ZL94116657.0     

   China Utility Model Patent No.: ZL02221901.3  ZL200520035426.7

   Appearance Design Patent: ZL200430051496.2  ZL02337256.7  ZL200430051497.7


Intended Use

Intranasal Laser Irradiation: Assistant treatment on hyperlipidemia, cerebral infarction and other cardiac & cerebral vascular disease.

Low-frequency Pulse: For dredge meridian, blood circulation improvement, relief and treatment on various acute & chronic pain.


Intranasal Laser Irradiation: Irradiate with double-end laser whose wavelength is 650nm and output power is 5mW. Laser irradiate and stimulate sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves in two nasal cavity, shrink and expand blood vessels in nose mucosa, which reflectively improve blood circulation in head and the whole body, achieve assistant therapeutic effect on cardiac & cerebral diseases.

Low-frequency Pulse: Low-frequency pulse current acts on acu-points or affected parts on the outer body. It can stimulate nerve muscle tissue, improve part blood circulation, dredge meridian, relieve pain, and eliminate or relieve disease.

General Description

This unit is based on China??? acu-point and acu-puncture theory and combied with modern laser medicine technology,???? unit is designed to process the functions of healthcare and treatment by combining with Semiconductor laser and low-frequency pulse. It is characterized by the following aspects:

Technical Parameters

Laser Output Power: less than 5mW+-%20 (Class 2M)

Adjustable Time Range: 10~30mins, defaul time setting is30 mins

Size: 149(L)x73.5(W)x37.5(H)mm

Weight: 281g (including batteries)

Eye Massager (Optional Accessories)

SFDA Reg.: GUI(GUILIN)SHIYAOJIANXIE(Approval) 2011 No.1660006

It is the optional accessories for GX-2000B. By combining with intranasal laser irradiation therapy, it has functions of improving blood circulation around eye, promoting eye neurological recovery and rehabilitation, thus has intended use as eye fatigue elimination, myopia and eye wrinkles prevention, sleep promotion and so on.

1.Laser Output Wire :1pc                                                                                         2.Nasal Cavity Cover: 6pcs(small package, consumable)                                            3.Adaptor:1pc                                                                                                                     4.Size AA Ni-Mh Rechargeable Batteries: 3pcs                                                5.Hang String:1pc                                                                                6.Instruction Manual:1pc  

Difference between Home Use Laser Products


Model Laser Head


Laser Irradiation Time Remarks
GX-2000B Double Laser

Two functions: Laser Nasal Irradiation & Low-frequency Massage (Electrodes &Conductive Rubber Mat )




GX-2010A1 Double Laser

Only one function: Laser Nasal Irradiation

30mins New Model
GX-2000A Single Laser

Two functions: Laser Nasal Irradiation & Low-frequency Massage (Electrode & Massage Shoes)

45mins Old Model


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