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knee joint pain medication for pain relief

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Place of OriginGuangdong, China (Mainland), Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand NameOEM, OEM
Model NumberDm018
Product typeRehabilitation Therapy Supplies
Featureinfrared, magnetic, heating, vibration
infrared light700-50000nm irridiation
Type unique Penetration of red light and photochemical effect
Infrared ray6-18 Vm
weightAbout 2500g

Product Description

knee joint pain medication for pain relief

*Please pay attention:

Since many countries’s custom policy ban on the importation of medical devices by personal, so before you make order please confirm whether you have permission to import such goods.If the parcel returned as no import license for customs, we will not returned payment, please understand.
Attention! Purchasing 110V and 220V Have Different Option!
Modern lifestyle is the prime cause of most prostate problems. Constant sitting incorrectly, deficient foods,smoking and alcohol, these things all poison and suffocate the cells in the prostate gland. This is what creates the diseases or the breeding ground for the bacteria that cause the disease, Poison your prostate enough and you’ll create prostate cancer.
Product introduction:
Prostate Gland Health Care Device is the most advanced health care device of the prostate gland in the world today. This product starts the new technological era in the health care of the prostate gland. It combines far infrared ray, electronic pulse, magnet therapy and thermotherapy to improve the whole environment of the pelvic cavity in order to increase blood circulation of overall pelvic cavity. It allows increase blood flow into the weakened tissue for enhance recovery and pain relief. The special care to the most important acu-point, “Huiyin” of prostate gland and pelvic cavity plays a very important role in the device, this helps to improve the total conditions of the procreation system. Meanwhile, this device also has obvious effects upon female pelvic cavity. Also it can help to prevent the disease of rectum.


  • Infrared Ray, Electronic Pulse and Magnetic 3 technology  within 1 machine;
  • Ergonomically designed ensure snug, comfortable fit;
  • Easy-To-Use with LCD control panel;
  • Adjustable temperature, magnet and pulse intensity;
  • Additional heated and electronic pulse lumbar pain relief belt.
Features and Functions: 
  1. This product aims to whole pelvic cavity for the first time and to cure prostate diseases though developing the inner environment of cavity and self-cure system
  2. The product combines far infrared ray, electronic pulse, magnet therapy and thermotherapy to form a complex energy place. 
  3. Use the theory of light power therapy: the infrared ray can reach the prostate to diminish inflammation and detumescence.
  4. Light therapy area can produces infrared ray of 6-18Vm.
  5. Unique chair style design makes you feel more comfortable and convenient.
  6. No side-effect, safe and reliable.
  7. Period of treatment is short and you‘ll see the effects soon.
Applicable Symptoms:
Prostatitis, hyperplasia of prostate,pelvic inflammation, with symptoms of dribbling or painful urination, and painful testicles. etc.
Women:  pelvic inflammatory disease, annex inflammation, irregular menstruation, menstrual pain, cold palace, cervicitis, cervical swelling, hemorrhoids. Menstrual pain, 15 minutes to relieve pain, hemorrhoids day by day bear fruit, three days recovery
 Men:  prostatitis, proctitis, colitis, hemorrhoids    
How to use
 (1)Connect the instrument
 (2)Patient sitting on the instrument, wear belt
 (3)Turn on the switch to select mode, intensity, temperature and time, the start of treatment
 (4)The time is up, it automatically stops

Features of the Main Unit

1. Electrical source input end: to be connected with the electrical source. 
2. On / off switch.
3. Main heating & magnet therapeutic area: Sitting on this area to use the thermotherapy and magnet therapy (permanent magnet & pulse magnet) to the whole pelvic cavity. 
4. Indicator lights displaying area: synchronously display active status of the device.

  • (1)Electrical source indicator light: it indicates when the unit is turned on.
    (2)Electronic pulse massage indicator light: this light indicates the transmitting of electronic pulse for massage. 
    (3)Light therapy indicator light: this light indicates the transmitting of light therapy.
    (4)Waist Belt heating indicator light: light is on indicating heat transmitted from the waist belt. 
    (5)Main part heating indicator light: light is on indicating heat transmitted from the main part.

5. Light therapy area: Sitting on this area to take the light therapy, the red light penetrates through the muscles and reaches the prostate gland.
6. Controller connecting hole: Control the process of treatment.
7. Thermotherapy and electronic therapy output hole: to be connected with the waist belt to transmit heating and electronic pulse to the waist belt. 
8. Radiating hole

Pulse magnet, Permanent magnet, Thermotherapy, Light therapy, Infrared ray and Electronic pulse

Packing carton details:

Gross weight: 4kg
Prostate Treatment Ma  chine dimension: 370×310×80 (mm)
Packing dimension:  40.5×34.5×11.5 (cm)

Payment Terms:
1. Payment: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram,PayPal before delivery.
2. MOQ: 1pcs
3. Warranty : 1year.

Packaging & Shipping

Packing Details:Packaging Details: 10pcs/ctn, 62*27.5*58cm

Delivery Detail:within 3-7days after receipt of prepayment

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