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Nailfold capillaroscopy microscopy

High Accuracy Magnification 400 times Nail Folding Microcirculation Microscope with High Definition Video Screen 8 inch

TypeBlood Analysis System
Brand NameSSCH
Model NumberGY-880
Place of OriginGuangdong, China (Mainland)
FunctionMicrocirculation Test Machine
ColorBlack and White
Screen7 inch or 9 inch LCD pad,customizable
Warranty1 year
InputAC 100~240V 50/60Hz
OutputDC12V, 2A

High Accuracy Magnification 400 times Nail Folding Microcirculation Microscope with High Definition Video Screen 8 inch



Quick Detail

1.CE certificate
2. it is colorized ,image is much more clear

3.Color Microcirculation Microscope with coaxially conjugated hand wheel for focus adjustment and  transverse/longitudinal moving plane table

4.electronic light source

5. high resolution color CCD video camera connected with desktop or laptop computer to provide sharp and stable image with perfect color

6. fine case made of high strength plastic material, wearable and portable





The microcirculation microscope is widely used in the field of hospitals, school laboratories, clinics, etc., as the best auxiliary testing equipment. And it is also used in health food industry, as a communication platform for product promotion when, making money equipment, beauty industry.

For it is non-invasive, only to observe the end of the finger armor section, you can do the blood microcirculation review. You can observe microcirculation pipe loop patterns, the number of pipe loop, blood flow, bleeding, etc., help determine the sub-health status and blood stasis and brain / cardiovascular related diseases.




Technical parameters:

Microscope Magnification

≥400 times

Built-in camera pixels

380000 pixels

Light source


Brightness of the light source

≥ 600cd/m2


X-Y double layer compound mechanical stage

nailfold microcirculation microscope monitor

colar LCD monitor 8inch(4:3)


AC input 100~240V 50/60Hz DC output DC12V,2A

Microscope Package

Aluminum box( Size 34*29*20cm)


1.in 5 seconds can be observed in the microvascular circulation, simple operation and fast;
2.the microscopic image is stable, clear, do not shake;
3.400 times the microcirculation of a dedicated high-resolution lens of the microscope;
4.handheld ultra-light design, so that the observation of more mobility;
5.with micro-focus wheel, free to adjust the focus length, the use of more convenience
6.lens built-in LED cold light source, accurate projection illumination on an object;
7.using non-invasive way, to observe the microcirculation of human body in time;
8.observing the microcirculation for any part of human body.

Testing conditions:

1) Check the room temperature and humidity. Room temperature and humidity should be kept relatively constant. room temperature should be maintained in the 22-24 degree , relative humidity about 70%
2) The patient generally take seats, keep the height of the hand the same with heart
3) Preparation of paraffin oil or cedar oil.Drop 2 drops in the nailfold skin. (Purpose prove light transmission, and reduce skin scattering)
4) Testing generally be in the morning or afternoon, and review should at the same time every day .
5) The patient should 
   a. Avoiding intense activity or manual labor within one hour before testing
   b. Take a rest about 15-30 minutes before testing
   c. Can not take any drug which will affect the cardiovascular vessels before testing
   d. Does not smoke , wash hands or eat within an hour before testing
   e. Pay attention to the influence of the Female menstrual

How to use:

step1: Put a little cedar oil daub on the nails and cuticles need to be test

step2: Put the finger in the slot, and then adjust the focal length and position

step3: Looking for blood vessel and to observe

Shape of blood vessel ansa :

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