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Nailfold capillaroscopy microscopy

blood capillary analyse microscope video capillary microscope capillary microcirculation microscope

TypeBlood Analysis System
Brand NameJNR
Place of OriginAnhui, China (Mainland)


1.CE certificate

2.used to examine person ‘s capillary loops

3.used to examine one’s blood flow

1.magnification  ≥380 times

2. built-in camera pixels    380 000 pixels
3. light source   LED
4.brightness of the light source  ≥ 600cd/m2
5. Stage    X-Y double layer compound mechanical stage
6. Color LCD monitor  8 inch (16:9)
7.AC input  100~240V 50/60Hz DC output DC12V,2A



spare parts Quantity Note
XW880 host one
LCD monitor one
power adapter one
cedar oil one
cotton swab one
chart one



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