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Nailfold capillaroscopy microscopy

2017 video capillary microscope GY-880

TypeBlood & Gas Analysis System
Brand NameSSCH
Model NumberGY-W880
Place of OriginGuangdong, China (Mainland)
Product namenail fold capillary microcirculation microscope
Product featuresMicrocirculation diagnosis
Color of Microscopeblack and white
Warrantyone year
Microscope PackageAluminum box
Microscope Magnification ≥400 times
Built-in camera pixels380000 pixels
microcirculation LCD monitor16*12cm
Input&OutputAC input 100~240V 50/60Hz DC output DC12V,2A

2017 capillary microscope GY-880 

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Blood microcirculation:

1. Model XW880(7inch/8inch color LCD)
2. For health care&beautiful industry
3 Independent research and development ability
4. nailfold microcirculation microscope is a noninvasive health diagnostic device 

Technical parameters:

Microscope Magnification  ≥400 times
Built-in camera pixels  380000 pixels
Light source  LED
Brightness of the light source  ≥ 600cd/m2
Stage X-Y double layer compound mechanical stage
nailfold microcirculation microscope monitor colar LCD monitor 8inch(4:3)
Input&Output AC input 100~240V 50/60Hz DC output DC12V,2A
Microscope Package Aluminum box( Size 34*29*20cm)



1. nail wall distal microcirculation observation     

2. cutaneous distal microcirculation observation
3. tongue microcirculation observation                  

4.the auricle distal microcirculation observation
5.lips microcirculation observation                            

6.the other parts of the microcirculation observed 
7.sweat glands observed                     

8.hair follicles observed
9.bamboo charcoal commodity microcirculation efficiency testing
10.far- infrared commodity microcirculation efficiency testing
11. the germanium titanium micro-circulation of goods performance detection
12.ore commodity micro-cycle efficiency detection.

How to use:

step1: Put a little cedar oil daub on the nails and cuticles need to be test

step2: Put the finger in the slot, and then adjust the focal length and position 

step3: Looking for blood vessel and to observe


Shape of blood vessel ansa :

(1) Normal shape likes the hair clip , exceptionally for overlapping and abnormal, the overlapping proportion number should not surpass 30%, the abnormal should not surpass 10%

(2) abnormal blood vessel:


1st, the  blood vessel of heart and brain disease, the diabetes, the desmosis and so on, with contract whole body disease or the partial fungus infection and flesh wound and other  organization disease  is easy to appear the blood vessel to be abnormal

2nd, when arteriosclerosis,  diabetes with serious abnormal , and the proportion excessive highly.

3rd, collagen disease, Reynold sickness, neurosis, the variation of blood vessel increases.


Blood vessel ansa’s periphery

After has carried on the shape and the fluid state observation, but also should carry on the observation to the periphery condition:

1.Seeps out:  refers to, in the blood vessel, appears the phenomenon for the blood plasma ingredient excessively permeability blood pipe wall and the accumulation in blood capillary’s periphery  , is one of common micro circulation changes. Characteristic: The blood vessel ansa periphery gap expands, and bright; The blood vessel ansa’s image is fuzzy, the length reduces.

2.Hemorrhage: phenomenon for the red blood cell leaves to the blood vessel outside .

Should distinguish the hemorrhage which the flesh wound or other non- pathogenesis factor creates, if the leakage  hemorrhage, the main reason is blood capillary wall damage, causes the permeability hyperfunction and the blood flow changes and so on .

Packing :

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    Capillary microcirculation

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